Sing Along App Reviews

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Sing Along rocks!

Now my kids will know what the songs are supposed to sound like!


An app that no mother with young children should be without! Mother of three

So so

I thought there would be people singing along but there is not so u dont know when to start singing

Disappointed 

I also thought people would be singing the songs. Its just the tune, you dont "sing along" with anyone. I am quite disappointed.  Will there be updates adding people singing with you? If you are unfamiliar with the song, having just the tune with no one singing along with you makes it still difficult to know when to start and if you are singing it right.

Disappointing "tinny" tone and lack of vocals, but good lyrics reference

I appreciate having the words to the songs. It was nice to be able to look up the words to "The Muffin Man" after my son came home from preschool trying to sing it. However, I only came across one song in which there was a voice singing the song. Its more like karaoke than sing-a-long, in a sense, except theres no indication of when exactly to start singing the words. For some songs this is obvious; for others, I could not quite get the lyrics to match up with the music as played. Finally, although it is nice to have the words right there in front of me, the music itself had that annoyingly tinny "midi" tone. I will probably not throw this app out, but only because I will use it as a reference for the words to songs to which we already know the tune.

Well done tobin!

Great for singalong time!

useful for teachers - one problem noted

I bought this app to have the instrumental track for common childrens songs and was satisfied with the variety of titles. Teachers will find this app helpful when their students want to make up new words for common tunes. The only problem Ive encountered so far is that the tunes played with the sound of a caliope and possibly accordion such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Mary Had a Little Lamb have a problem with the quality of the sound - its as if the notes never cut off and pretty soon its just cacophony. Ive tried it with the iPhone speakers alone and with headphones, but theres no difference.

Not what I wanted.

This app displays the words and has an electric keyboard play a tune. There is no singing, which is fine if you already know the song. I bought this because I wanted to sing with my toddler while driving. I cant drive, sing, and read lyrics at the same time. Plus I have to change my auto off settings because the app will stop when the iPod is idle. Waste of $4.


Waste of money if you cant hear the songs words. And how can a toddler learn the words if you dont provide them to hear them to follow the melody. Even a bouncing ball would help adults with nursery rhymes we are not familiar with. Please add the singing, or refund my money.


I am a kid and I love singing, so I figures this would be wicked! Unfortunately, there arent singers, so I dont know most of the songs, plus in sum of the songs the tune ends before youre done singing the words, and in two songs there wasnt even a tune, PLUS Bingo gets all confusing! It starts out okay then it freezes up into little bits of whisperyish clapping sounds. That is why I cannot rate this a five star app.

it locks up.

we can only play 1 song at a time have to leave it and come back.... some of the songs have on music.... it would be a sing along if you could hear the kids sign it.... kids cant always read yet to sing!!!


My worst purchase to date. Would download again even if it was free. Some tunes are just noise with no melody.

Defective--needs quite a bit of work

I have the new iPhone 3Gs. Basically, this has the music but no one singing. HOWEVER, several of the songs dont work at all. When I click on them, it just shuts down the program altogether as if I closed it. I cant even get to the lyrics (glad to still have the Lite version installed.) Also, when I go back to the main menu without pausing/stopping the song, there is no longer anyway to stop it from playing other than letting it finish on its own. If I go into another song and hit play, it just plays it on top of the other song. This would be a really fun app if it worked. Please fix.

Very poor execution (v1.1)

I thought this program would be great as I am expecting a little girl in less than a month. Needless to say I was wrong. I SHOULD have read the reviews like I normaly do. Music is very poor, the "10 CDs worth of music" is something you can do on an electric keyboard. Its horrible, some songs are hard to follow and others just turn into multiple notes ontop of each other. To bad I cant get a refund...

Wish I could get a refund, locks up and doesnt play all the songs

Buggy, crashes

Dear developer. This app has potential so fix the bugs and people might buy it. As is, do not buy as it truly is buggy.

Dont buy

Waste of money.


Wanted to buy it to have fun with my 2 year old but most of the songs are not sing along and the tunes are a little strange. Do not buy. I plan to uninstall.


Damn! Most of the songs are just playing tunes...... no vocal.